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Mother Blessing Planning & Facilitating

A Mother Blessing is a small gathering of women close to the mother-to-be. The expectant mother is showered with love and blessings to take with her on her transition into motherhood.

Pregnancy is an exciting time and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Let me take the stress and work out of planning and do all the work for you. 

What you get:
I will look after all the details- planning, invites, RSVPs, decorating and setting up, facilitating the gathering, and clean up. You are responsible for booking or arranging the space and the purchase of any supplies. Each of my mothers will get a special package of goodies from me.

Some activities that we might include in your Mother Blessing are:

- a short guided meditation or breath work exercise to arrive in the space

- creating birth affirmation cards for the expectant mother to take with her to her birth

- belly painting

- the sharing of positive birth stories from the women at the gathering

This is a very personal ceremony and will be tailored to each individual woman. 

Your Investment:


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Custom Postpartum Plan

There is so much for expectant parents to prepare for. Let me help you create a postpartum plan so you can feel as ready as possible for the next chapter in your life.

What you get:
- One 90 minute meeting to discuss the specific needs that you and your family will have postpartum.

- We will work together to set up stations in your home to make life easier for you once the baby arrives.

- Setting up meal trains, care for other children and pets.

- You will be left with resources for things like mother and baby groups, breastfeeding support, maternal mental health support, and more.

Your investment:


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Birth Pool Rental

We are pleased to offer birth pool rental for Regina and area. The rental fee includes: the inflatable birth pool, the pool lid, a cover to maintain temperature if the pool is not being utilized, a tarp for beneath the pool, two pumps and instructions on how to properly use the birth pool. 

You will be required to have your own pool liner (we can send you in the right direction as to where to purchase this), as well as your own hose for water removal. 

The investment for pool rental is $150.00 with an additional $100.00 deposit which will be returned to you upon us receiving the sanitized pool following use. 

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Placenta Encapsulation

We are happy to offer OSHA certified placenta encapsulation services. We have undergone hands-on training and perform our services with the highest sanitation and sterilization standards.

What you get:

Following your birth, we will pick up your placenta, process it into capsules, and deliver it back to you. Your investment includes pick up and delivery within Regina city limits (rural clients- we can make arrangements for you!), your own personalized jar with your placenta capsules, and your dried chord keepsake.

Your investment: 


optional add-on of $40.00-$50.00 for artful print(s) of your placenta, depending on your vision for your print.

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