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Investing in your prenatal and postpartum care is just as important as setting up a nursery or buying the right stroller and carseat. When a mother is nurtured and confident, her entire family benefits. I offer a number of different packages for birth and postpartum. Let's find the right service for you!

All pregnancies are different, and that’s why we work with each client to develop a customized plan for pregnancy, birth and beyond. If we sound like a good fit, look at the services we offer below, and get in touch with us to schedule an initial consultation.

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Birth Doula Package

Did you know that having a birth doula has been shown to increase satisfaction in the outcome of the birth? The support of a doula throughout your pregnancy and birth has also been proven to lower the rate of c-sections, unwanted interventions, and lower the chance of experiencing postpartum mood disorders.

What you will get:

- Two prenatal visits with two doulas where we will discuss your birth preferences, any fears or desires for your pregnancy and birth, make a birth plan, practice pain management techniques, and help build your confidence to be an advocate for your birth experience. 

- Unlimited text/ phone/ e-mail support during your pregnancy and for the first weeks follow your birth.

- on call support 24/7 for two weeks prior to and two weeks after your due date.

- one of us will attend your birth as an active support for you and your partner, both physically and mentally.

- 2 postpartum visits after your birth.

Your investment:


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Custom Birth Plan

While we can't plan exactly how our birth experience will go, we can be prepared for many of the curve balls birth can throw our way. Having a birth plan and clearly knowing your preferences can help you approach your birth experience feeling confident and ready.

What you get:

- One 90 minute meeting to create a rough draft of your birth plan.

- A finished, visually pleasing and easy to understand birth plan for you to take with you to your birth.

Your investment:

Birth Doula Services: Services
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